Review Of Btc Miner Avalon Nano 3

Review of Avalon Nano 3 USB

What is the profit?
This very USB is not really effective because it brings only a dollar in one year. Less than 10 cents per month which is a very low rate.

Power consumption
If you use your computer, you will use more electricity if using this mine-worker. However, you will unlikely be able to spot a big difference if you use a laptop and leave it unplugged. This will consume your battery very quickly.

The cost
You can purchase Acalon Nano 3 at $20 only. The best place to but the USB is eBay. Purchase online is quick plus includes a delivery.

Set up
You will have to set up your mine-worker with a special mining software as well as decide on a Bitcoin mining pool.

This very mine-worker does not become hot very much, therefore, you will not need a fan.

Power Supply
You need to plug the miner into your computers’ or laptop’s USB port and start working.

Comparison of Avalon Nano 3 and other devices
Avalon Nano 3 is definitely the cheapest solution if we compare it with Avalon 6, AntMiner S7 or S9. These devices are more efficient and will bring you a much better profit. However, they have a bigger weight and can be more difficult when setting them up. All mine-workers have guides which will help you to set one at home and start a successful mining business at home or from the office.