Bitcoin Mining Equipment: Antminer S7

Bitmain AntMiner Model S7. Review of the hardware and comparison with other equipment

AntMiner model S7 is the latest version of Bitmain Tech that has already impressed professional in the industry. Check the review, read the comparison, find its pros and cons and decide whether you can afford to buy this equipment for mining.

Advantages of equipment

A high hash rate that equals 4,73 TH/s and is effective at 0,25 Joule per GH/s
The price is $440 without expenses on shipping
A famous mine-worker with great technical characteristics

Disadvantages of equipment

The mine-worker soon can be eclipsed by AntMiner model S9
High energy needs up to 1350 Watts
Quite loud (62 dB)

The review of AntMiner S7

The model has been released back in 2015, however, it is still considered as a very popular purchase for mining. The model offers a good hash rate for power. This is why this very model was dominating over the last 2 years. However, if you look at any industrial mining operation, you will see that the racks of the model S7 have not been used.

AntMiner is considered a very useful purchase because it comes at a decent price and offers a big level of effectiveness. Model S7 is powered by 28nm BM 1385 ASIC chip. The mine-worker gets cooled by two fans. 135 chips are separated by three boards. A strong metal case has got a groove and tongue system that allows arranging a few mine-workers neatly.

Supply of power

A good purchase will be a power supply ASW3 with 1600 Watts. This is a high-quality power supply that is considered extremely powerful. To maintain the power supply, you will need at least 205 Volts. However, the power supply does not come with a necessary cord. You will have to buy 16 A power cord separately. The power supply will cost you about $140 including the delivery. It is not cheap, however, if you want to purchase AntMiner S9 in the future, you will be able to use this very power supply again. Also, you can use any supply of power from ATX to run your mine-worker model S7.

The model includes its own power supply – 1000 Watts Enermax more than 80% of effectiveness. S7 needs about 700 Watts, this power supply has an exceeding capacity even if overclocking the device at 600 M frequency. It adds quite a big weight to the device, therefore, it costs more when making a delivery. Although a built-in power supply was created for compact and convenient mine-worker, there are several reasons to recommend such set-up. The built-in power supply also does not come with a cord.

Possible profit

Of course, every potential customer wants to know how many bitcoins he can mine using AntMiner model S7. As long as mining difficulty grows, the income from using S7 satisfies the customers. If the currency exchange of Bitcoin will rise, the profitability of AntMiner S7 will be also increased.
You can use the online calculator called CoinWarz that was created especially for defining profitability by using a certain mining equipment. Let’s review the example where an average price household cost comes to 15 cents per kWh. The expenses on a mining pool come to 2,5 and the block reward equals 12,5 bitcoins for every mined block. If you use the calculator and fill the field with the given details, you will see that the monthly loss is $18 which is $223 in a year.

You will not pay a regular price for electricity. When you set up the miner following the accurate instructions, you can get a good profit from AntMiner S7 even in the power equals 15c. Of course, you will get a good profit only if the price of Bitcoin does not drop.

Consumption of power

If your room temperature is 25°C / 77°F, the AntMiner S7 will use about 1295 Watts. The warmer your room, the more power fans will use for cooling down the mine-worker. This is two times more effective than using model S5 for mining from home. S7 needs only 0,25 Joule per GH.

The cost of AntMiner model S7

When the model first was noticed on the market, its price was $2000. Soon the price dropped and now it equals only $440 plus you need to count expenses on the delivery (shipping). If you buy a very new model, it can costs you about $550. However, if you buy second-hand S7, you can get it for $500 if purchased on Amazon.


AntMiner S7 has DHCP capacity which allows the miner to look automatically for IP address. What needed is account for your mining pool. Then you need to set it up through MinerLink GUI. It is all quite simple and can be done quickly. Once you turn to power up, the units will start hashing automatically. To connect S7 model you need to use Ethernet.


The AntMiner S7 can be used at the temperature lower than 40°C / 77°C. There are two fans to cool down the miner. To prolong the miner’s good maintenance, it is best to keep it cool best at a dry place. For example, you can store it in a dry basement.

The conclusion

At the moment, AntMiner model S7 is considered the best and most effective. If you cannot purchase the newer model S9 because of its high cost, purchasing S7 is definitely a smart decision. If you manage to set the miner up right, it can become very profitable for you from your room.