Bitcoin Miner Alavon 6

Review and evolution of Avalon 6

Welcome to the review of a great mine-worker Avalon 6. Here you will be able to find a lot about this effective and promising device for a doing a business from your own house.

Advantages of Avalon 6

This is the second more effective mine-worker for mining Bitcoins on the market
This very mine-worker is much quieter than others on the market

Disadvantages on Avalon 6

Comparing with AntMiner S7, this mine-worker has a lower chance to bring you a good profit
Les efficient with AntMiner S7 model

Avalon 6 vs AntMiner S7 – Great competitors

Recently, Avalon brand was accepted by Canaan Creative. The company offered certain ideas regarding the equipment for mining which could help Avalon become more popular and prosperous. Avalon 6 is an impressive equipment, one of the latest equipment that contains 18 nm A3218 chips that work at 500 MHz for reaching the most respectable hash rate which equals 2,5 TH/s. This rate is very close to the rate of AntMiner model S7.

Supply of power

This very mine-worker will undoubtfully work perfectly with a good power supply at 1100 W and higher. The mine-worker works at a decent level using 1050 W. If you use a power supply with a platinum-rating you will have the best result.

Possible profit

Avalon 6 can become a very profitable mine-worker because a recently released AntMiner model S9 can bring a rising halving of Bitcoin. It is quite easy and effective to follow the statistic ad watch some average expenses. Use CoinWarz’mining to keep up with the latest prices. The online calculator will show you the hash rate, power. Power cost, pool fees, Bitcoin Difficulty, Block reward, Bitcoin to Dollar rate, and Hardware cost. You will be able to discover what each number means and compare them to previous rates and understand how the cost and rate changes and at what period it tends to happen.

Briefly, when the cost of electricity drops and the price of Bitcoin increases, Avalon 6 mine-worker has the best chance to bring its owner a good profit.

The cost

Canaan Creative that has taken over the Avalon brand offers Avalon 6 for $550. Also, the company offers big discounts. The unit weights 5 kg / 11 lb which you have to consider when buying online as long as the cost of a delivery will be applied. A second-hand unit will cost you around $450.


Avalon 6 mine-worker is quiet enough, however, we would still not recommend you to place it in your bedroom or living room. The device will reduce the level of noise by underclocking.

Set up

To set up the unit properly you will have to buy and use Raspberry Pi or TP-Link TL-WR703N. From one Raspberry Pi, you will be able to maintain up to 50 mine-workers. The unit finds the IP address itself, therefore, you will not have to apply special skills and knowledge. Use one of the control panels Avalon or Cgminer to set up and control the unit. All necessary basic and extra settings are available on it.


The ideal temperature for the unit to work and operate properly is below 35°C / 95°F. The unit’s standard frequency of work is 500 MHz and it can be easily adjusted if necessary. The unit’s construction has got only one fan which is enough for cooling the system down.

The conclusion

As we have already said in the beginning of the review, Avalon 6 is a really serious competitor of AntMiner S7. The unit is still less effective than the model S7 of AntMiner, however, there are plenty of setting up options that will suit your requirements and needs.

Compared with AntMiner S7, Avalon 6 is a little bit more expensive just $20 more. However, when we compare Avalon 6 with AntMiner S9 we can see a huge difference. AntMiner S9 costs around $2000.