Antminer S9 Review: Is It Profitable To Buy?

Review of AntMiner model S9, its characteristics, and features

We decided to compare three mine-working equipment such as AntMiner S7, Avalon 6 and AntMiner S9 the one that we will describe in this very article. Here you will find a detailed information about this piece of equipment, find out about its advantages and cons and will be able to decide whether this purchase is good for your needs and requirements.

The review is based on the cost per hash and electrical effectiveness.

Advantages of using AntMiner S9 model

This piece of equipment provides a very high available hash rate at 14 TH/s
The equipment is very effective at 0,1 joule per GH/s

Disadvantages of using AntMiner S9 model

The high price – $2100
Also, you will have to spend around $200 for power supply

Is AntMiner is a great innovation for changing the system or for hobbyists only?

Since Bitcoin Difficulty was created, there were a lot of monthly increases that were consecutive. Especially, it happened more often after November 2015. It increased in 3 times. This peak happened in May 2016. Such big growth was caused by huge investments in technology and mining operations.

Having such great growth, it made Bitcoin the strongest system in the world. However, one unpremeditated result of such fast growth leads to the brough up the centralization. China had the profits storages where the income from mining is the most pleasant. It leads to some competitors kicking off from the industry. One of the Bitcoin competitors KNC had to leave the industry.

The CEO of KNC explained that they tried to count the sum of money that was spent by Chinese for income. They think it can be hundreds of million dollars. Even with free electricity, they cannot see how they will possibly get those money back. They believe that Chinese have no idea what they have done or they just have a secret advantage that no one else knows about.

The same pros of the Chinese competitor was even more effective for getting profit on the market. At this time to support the system, centralization, and heating buildings, most home and office miners do not even hash for getting money.

It is expected that the majority of operations except the most functioning ones will be tested, however, there is also a warning about winning the block. Will new AntMiner model S9 become a change of the game for small mining hobbyists to return the waste of income keeping in mind that the income that was received from the current equipment for mining will decrease and probably will reach a negative return after halving?

New fantastic technical advantage of the new AntMiner S9

Even if the process cannot last forever with the help of the existed technology, the flowing semi conductors allow bringing the power and the effectiveness of electricity up. A lot of people said that Moore’s law is no longer valid because the rate of the computing speed advancement has slowed down once it reaches the physical limits of silicon semiconductor technology.

A very important improvement is 28 nm design that is usual for other modern equipment for digging coins. The process of making 16 nm is applied for AntMiner S9 model that we are reviewing and discussing right here. However, the 10 nm process is likely to come in 2017. Also, the projecting and producing of 10 nm technology processes of Bitcoin will take a year approximately.

The model S9 of AnyMiner that we are discussing here in this article needs a special power supply. The existed power supplies will match AntMiner’s requirements and provide an excellent work.
It is recommended to use AntMiner APW-12 1600 W that you can find and purchase online from Amazon in the USA. There is one more power supply that will match the equipment. It is called GPU EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 W and can be bought online for a little bit cheaper.

What profit does AntMiner S9 guarantee?

Comparing with all other equipment, model S9 has a great power or hash 14 TH/s. This is a massive index. We combined 189 chips and separated them on 3 different payments to reach such great hashrate. Model S9 also provides hash with a maximum capacity around all Bitcoin network.

We use CoinWarz’ Bitcoin calculator to count your possible profit when using AntMiner model S9. Remember, that the cost of power will depend on your location and the difficulty changes every 14 days. Usually, the numbers go up.

Your mining pool will solve all your payments in a pool. When solo-mining one block will unlikely find any blocks, however, the model S9 is very powerful and promising. Finally, the price of Bitcoin to a dollar is known as constant change.

According to above-mentioned information, S9 will give you around $160 per month which is around $1951 per year. These puts return on Investment a bit higher than one year. Of course, it will happen only in that case of all factors is left the same for such an impressive result. However, it is unlikely to happen because of constant Bitcoin network changes.

Consumption of power

What makes AntMiner model S9 the most electricity effective mining equipment is the outstanding maintenance process. It uses only 0,1 joules per Gigahash, which makes it 2 times more effective than AntMines model S7. The total power intake comes to around 1350 W.

The cost

The first batch of AntMiners S9 models will be available for order from Bitcoin. This very model is quite expensive $2100 if you buy it from Amazon. However, if you have low expenses on electricity, you have a better chance than a mine-worker that pays for its own work within a fixed time frame. Finally, the cost also depends on the Difficulty and coins.

As long as smaller manufacturing process become the standard for all industries, while all producers offer competitive equipment for mining, the price of AntMiner model S9 will drop during the next few months. It seems like that this very model of mining equipment will be the last unbeatable one. There is a possibility that from now on the process of producing new mining equipment will become very slow because all manufacturers use 16 and 14 nm designs.


AntMiner S9 has an air cooled function and because of its sturdy construction, it is quite simple to service and maintenance. While the equipment has a great ventilation, it works perfectly.

Set up

AntMiner model S9 works without external help. Of course, only a special power supply is needed. You do not have to connect it to another computer to interface with other nodes in the Bitcoin system. Its onboard web maintenance offers to simplify the process of setup and service.

The conclusion

Is AntMiner S9 is a good purchase for the industry of for mining hobbyists only? While big mine-workers move up to model S9 and other promising mining equipment, the complication increases and may decrease the future income. However, the profits will grow because of halving which will lead to a higher price of bitcoins and competitors decrease. So the verdict says that at the moment AntMiner S9 cost a lot but it is an outstanding equipment for successful mining. Even though ROI cannot be guaranteed, it still will be profitable during a long time comparing with the previous ASIC equipment.

So, if you want to buy a reliable and powerful hardware for earning Bitcoins, this one seems like a great equipment to spend your money on. Yes, it does cost a lot but if they think that this very piece of hardware will be the last one and no new innovation will overcome its functions and features, why not considering purchasing it now. You can have a great business and guaranteed earnings very soon.