AntMiner S5 And S3 Models Review

Equipment set up for AntMiner S5 and S3 models

We decided to write an article for both models AntMiner S5 and S3 because they are very similar. However, the first one is 4 time more effective and will bring you a better profit, still to set this miners does not require different skills. Follow the article and find out how to set up one of the hardware. Learn how to set the equipment at home without needing a professional help.

Let’s start from the thing that the most miners need power supply. If you have a certain model of miner, to buy a power supply can be very expensive.

AntMiner S5 Set up tips

So, here we are going to start from AntMiner S5. Read and learn how to set up this piece of equipment. First thing that you should purchase is a power supply. Once you have it, you will need a paper clip to connect two wires. One of them has to be black and another green. You also can use a tape and wrap the wires. This is how you will get a miner. When you use this cord here, then obviously is suits your model that is installed at your house or office. You can connect it to PCIe slots on the power supply. It it world well, you will see lights. Once you connect it to the Internet and it will start running away.

You need to set up two miners. There are two power supplies, they can be identical. For example, you can purchase Raidmax, 80 gold, 1000 watt, four rails a piece. This one will definitely will be effective for mining when using AntMiner S5. Check the temperature. You must have a fan, ethernet box, power strip, both power supplies. Run the fan to not overheat your miner and earn coins. This is pretty simple!

You should update your miner approximately every 2 hours. Also, you need to check your miner’s temperature and speed. All other tabs that you will see on your device are not really important.

AntMiner S3 Set up tips

Follow the tips from the last paragraph to set up your AntMiner S3. We have been practicing mining using AntMiner S3 and it shows excellent results. We run 3 mine-workers for Bitcoin that were working from two 750 watt power supplies. All expenses on running the AntMiner S3 may cost you around $500. If you purchase the miner on eBay, you can get a good deal. To start mining, you need to consider such details as where you live and how much your power costs because you buy bitcoins through your power bill by mining these bitcoins. If you consider mining as a hobby, you will unlikely get a decent profit.

Anyway, whether you do if for hobby, experimentation, or a business, you will need a Bitcoin wallet. You can download and set our wallet from this website This will be the place where you keep your bitcoins. If you still do not now, you can also buy and sell them. Another significant thing that you should know about mining is Bitcpin market. It is instable which scares and pushes away a lot of people. However, smart investors make a very big profit when the rate jums up and down.

There will be alot of ups and downs because over the last 3 years there were a lot of unexpected and unpredicred changes. So, no one denies that new enexpected jums will happen. So, you need to remember about it when you start mining. Now let’s go back to your Bitcoin wallet. When you want to sell your bitcpins or convert them into USD, you will be able to do it easily, however, you will have to take your back account information, click sell button and finally you will have dollars in a day or two.
When you mine, you will have to have workers. It means that you will have to create workers in mining pools. Every single mining pool includes thousands of people who work together for one purpose- to find a block. Each block values 25 bitcoins.

Take our advice and use Here at this site, you will be able to get regular payouts. You will not have to skip one mining pool with another trying to find one that will offer you payouts every day. Here at this very website you can get from 0,01 bitcoins.

One of the reasons to use Bitcoin is because the organization is not controlled by government and other corporations. Therefore, no one knows how much money you have, how much money you can spend and earn. For example, you can buy bitcoins, convert them into USD and then buy silver and no one will keep track of it.

If you want to find out more about the networka and the possibilities that it offers, stay with us and we will tell you many more curious things about miners and profits.

Raspberry Pi for AntMiner S3. Set up guide

It is necessary to use Raspberry Pi for you mining equipment. So, you must have your AntMiner S3 first. Purchase Raspberry Pi as a node, so it can control AntMiner and successfully collects bitcoins. Basically, you can use any Raspberry Pi. We use version 2. Connect your Raspberry Pi with the Internet, and connect the other to your modem. You can connect it through the USB port. Then make sure that the other end is connected to the hub and it is powered.

So, now you have your Paspbery Pi connected to your AntMiners model S3. It means that you cna start mining. Now you should open puTTY and get an access to your Raspberry Pi. You will have to find IP of your Raspberry Pi to make it work and mine. Once teh system find the IP click it and enter the user’s name. You can use the name Pi and the password Raspberry, then clikc enter and teh download should start instantly.

The next step is you shoudl open web-browser. Copy the first line of the URL and you should get to a terminal. Click right and copy it. Copy this phrase sudo apt-get update. Now you ahve to copy the second line which is sudo apt-get upgrade. Copy it, clikc enter, clikc Y and wait for a reply. The next step is to install dependencies. Copy the code from sudo and up. Copy and paste it, click enter, then choose Y as the answer and click enter again.

Now you must download CG Miner software for mining. This software will provide you all bitcoins. Copy the code git clone until the miner and paste it in terminal. Now it is time to set up the CG Miner. Copy cd cgminer line and paste it. Then copy the second line sudo до sh sh, paste it, and click enter. After a couple of minutes copy and paste LIBCURL, again click enter. Copy the fourth line, and click enter. Finally, copy and paste sudo make. Now your program is installed. Add your user name, add a password and save everything.

Copy everythign what you ahve done into a text document and save it on your desktop. Therefore, you will eb able to paste it in terminal at any time when you want to start mining. This is the combination that you need to start cd / home / pi / cgminer. You have to enter the ctalog, then paste this code and it will automatically start mining bitcpins. Of course, you have to be connected to the Internet to have an access to a mining operation. Also, make sure your AntMiner is connected to Raspberry Pi. Check ho many megahash or gigahashrate your miner runs per second. If you see all the rates, it means that your AntMiner works perfect and you set everything well.

To exit mining operation, clikc Q. After it ahs to come back to the terminal. You have to cory everything to your text document. This is very important. Do not forget to use code cd / home / pi / cgminer to come back to the catalog.

Hopefully, the explanation was pretty clear and if you still did not get how to set up your equipemnt, find appropriate videos and follow the visual instructions. Hopefully, you soon will be able to mine from your home and earn bitcoins.

In the conclusion, we would like to remind you the comparison of AntMiner S7, S9 and Avalon 6. Both AntMiner S7 and Avalon 6 cost around $500 while a new and the most effective AntMiner S9 will cost you up to $2000. AntMiner S9 model provide the best and the most effective capacity and power efficiency. It has a light weight and guarantees the biggest number of mined bitcoins.