Spondoolies sp20 Review

Review of Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson miner

This very mine-worker is a creation of Spondoolies-Tech. The mine-workers becomes more and more popular due to its impressive hash rate which reaches 1.3-1.7TH/s. Let’s discover the miner in details, find out about its pros and cons and summarize whether it is worth to get it for a successful business or not.

Advantages of Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson

The maximum hashrate 1.7 TH/s max hashrate which makes the equipment be on the same level as AntMiner model S5
It is possible to get this piece of equipment online. Get in on eBay or Amazon for $110 only
The miner provides a quiet performance – 52 dB from 1 meter

Disadvantages of Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson

You will have only a limited access to the system because the cooperation was closed
If running the equipment with the high speed, it gets overheated
It is less effective than AntMiner model S5

Difference between Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson and AntMiner S5

Unfortunately, Spondoolies cooperation was closed in 2016, but the equipment was released in 2014. This very model is considered a great purchase for home mining. It provides a quiet work which is attractive for those customers who want to mine in the house or office. However, the miner is not really effective. This is quite a big disadvantage of the purchase. It requires a lot of power for hashrate.

Power supply

The equipment promises to work well if you get ATX power supply Once of them with 1200 W and more will suit the miner perfectly. Also, you can use the power supply with less W, for example, 750 W and more.

Possible profit

It is unlikely that Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson will ever bring you a decent profit. Even though it has a great hash rate, it requires a lot of power which you will have to pay for. If you do not have an access to free power, forget about a good profit. It is likely to get one bitcoin in a year, so as you can understand you will spend much more than possibly get.

Equipment cost

If you buy the miner from eBay or Amazon, it will cost you $110.


The miner has a sturdy metal casing, so it will be convenient to keep and store it.


Comparing with models SP 10 or 30, this model has got a fan that works quieter. Therefore, this mine-worker is very popular among customers who are interested in mining from home or office. However, the faster it works the louder it becomes.

Set up

Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson provides a completed list of settings that will be handy when you set it up without a professional help. The miner is quite simple when you get to set it up. A graphics interface provides information about temperature and hashrate for every single chip. You also can use it for adjusting the voltage on the board. Remember, that you can connect the miner only through Ethernet.


To maintain safe and good operation, it is necessary to keep the temperature less than 35 ° C / 95 °. As long as the miner requires a lot of power, it easily gets hot. When the equipment works with a high speed, it will get overheated easily. So, you will have to keep an eye on it.

The conclusion

When this very miner was released in 2014, Bitcoin specialists were amazed by its features and possibilities. However, more new equipment comes to the market and Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson does not look so good anymore. If you want to get a decent profit and save money on power, it will not be smart to consider to purchase this hardware.

AntMiner S5 model’s price does not differ a lot from this equipment. However, AntMiner is much more effective and profitable. So, consider getting a better piece of equipment for the same price and get satisfied with bitcoins that you earn.

Comparing with AntMiner S7, S9 and Avalon 6, Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Jackson does have very poor characteristics.