Ways How To Earn Bitcoins

How to earn bitcoins online?

Bitcoin is the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency in the world. The easiest and the fastest way to earn bitcoins is Bitcoin cloud mining. The network is built with using very complicated cryptographic principles and are supported by a very big number of people and companies around the planet. By the beginning of 2016, the whole Bitcoin market capitalization exceeded $7 Billion. This makes the cryptocurrency as valuable as GDP of a small country like the Bahamas. All other cryptocurrencies do not make even 20% of Bitcoin market capitalization. This definitely underlines the Bitcoin cryptocurrency importance and value.

With such great amount of the world’s capital available in bitcoins, the number, and types of possibilities to earn in bitcoin cryptocurrency grow every single day. In this very article, we are going to review and discuss the possibilities that will help you to earn bitcoins.

Let’s starts from the simplest. This will be the one that is appropriate for a maximum number of people and then move to the most complicated opportunities. We are going to review some of the methods to mine bitcoins.

Work for Bitcoin

The easiest way to earn bitcoins is probably to work on the Internet or in real life. Because the size of the ecosystem is really big, the number of such opportunities and working places is also big. With million of dollars that were contributed by thousands of people, Bitcoin has its own market where you can find a freelance work, software developers work, writers, and others who can make money for bitcoins and by offering their services.

Development of software, creating a design, writing, web sites and application creating, audio transcription are the most active working places. You can easily find different types of tasks by checking popular boards with job offers that are connected to bitcoins. Review the list of boards and forums where you can find the job:


Rein Project

Market Places

21 Market

Video Streaming




File/Image Sharing




There are also opportunities for people who want to earn bitcoins through game assets. Therefore, visit BitcoinGames to find some interesting ideas that may give you a chance to earn bitcoins by enjoying fantastic plays.

Sell for Bitcoin

Another way to earn bitcoins is to sell stuff. For example, you can see your old mobile phone, laptop, and other items for bitcoins. Such types of payments tend to be more and more popular. A lot of customers buy mobile phones and even cars paying bitcoins. If you live in the USA, you can use this very good service – Craigslist.com which will allow you to find buyers who can pay bitcoins. Create your ad and mention that you take bitcoins. Therefore, interested customers will contact you and make a deal. For UK residents, it is possible to buy in bitcoins on Gumtree service, for Canadians Kijiji. You can find service for your country by looking up on the Internet.

Programs for affiliates

Affiliate programs allow product and business promoters to earn money or bitcoins referring to new clients on such companies or products. For example, Amazon offers a popular affiliate program which allows you to earn 2% to 20% commission for referring customers to products that are mentioned on Amazon. The service usually makes payouts in USD, however, there are a lot of other websites and companies that make payouts in bitcoins for the fact that you act as their affiliate.


Gambling is another popular way to earn bitcoins, however, you must understand the risk yourself. We would not recommend you to play slots and other casino games is you do not have a decent gambling experience. However, if you are a fortunate person, maybe making a lot of bitcoins by playing let’s say Poker will be very easy for you and you want to continue. Still, you should remember the risk. You can gain a lot today but lose everything tomorrow. Therefore, we would not call gaming a reliable way of earning bitcoins.

For example, some of the successful games satoshiDICE has been played by people all over the world for the last 5 years and has done a very big number of bitcoins to people who manage to become winners of the game. There are quite a lot of games that pay in bitcoins that you can find on the Internet.

If you want to play games and bet anonymously, visit darknet. This site offers players to play with 100% confidentiality provided.

Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is probably one of the smartest ways of earning bitcoins, however, it needs a lot of understanding and efforts. So, for every block that gets added in Bitcoin blockchain, the number of bitcoins get rewarded by the creator of the block. Right now, the reward equals 25 bitcoins, however, it decreases every four years. This process is called bitcoin mining. For this operation, you will find very powerful mine-workers. Also, you will need to have a powerful computer that will have to compete with other devices to find a new block. The speed and power of the computer will be defined in the hash per second.

There are two ways to operate bitcoin mining. The first one is your own equipment or computer that will help you to mine. The second one is to rent equipment from someone else on the Internet and do cloud mining. Let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of these two options below.

Mining with the help of equipment

When you have special mine-worker that does all calculations and mine bitcoins, it is called hardware mining. This is the most popular way of mining. The biggest advantage of mining using your own equipment is the cost of electricity. If you pay the biggest price for electricity expenses, then you have a great chance to make a good profit. Another factor is infrastructure that is required for cooling down the equipment. As long as every processor create heat, there are fans needed to cool down the equipment and prolong its maintenance. For example, in China and Tibet, there are some of the best mine-workers because in those countries the expenses for electricity are very low. Therefore, the expenses for cooling down the equipment there does not require much money.

Cloud mining

As we have already mentioned above, another way to mine is to rent equipment from third parties and do cloud mining. There are a lot of services that offer customers to rent equipment for mining. Here we decided to add some of the trustful services, tell you their names and write a bit of review:

The contact offers to mine with the help of SHA256. It provides opportunities to mine better coins by using this very equipment. Also, all automatic payouts will be done by Bitcoin. The customers who are interested in using the contract has to buy at least 10 GH/s.

Genesis Mining
The company is one of the most reliable providers of Bitcoin cloud mining. It offers three plans for mining. All of the come at reasonable price. Also, those contracts allow mining Zcash.

Hashing 24
The organization has been dealing with cloud mining for the last 5 years, therefore, has a decent experience in delivering trustful products and various offers that match different requirements. The company utilizes modern ASIC chips that guarantee high effectiveness and performance.

The company is an innovative aggregator of blockchain projects that are provided in economical simulation format. Customers can purchase cloudpacks that later can be used for using the index from pre-chosen sets of cloud intellectual farms, casinos, markets, etc.

The contacts will offer you a pool, as well as merged mining and cloud services for Bitcoin.

The company is controlled by Bitmain which is a producer of mine-workers called Antminer. At the moment, the company has got more than 600 mine-workers model S7 to rent out for customers. To rent a mine-worker will cost about $1200. You can visit their official site to check out current prices.

Bitcoin cloud mining
Right now all contracts provided by the organization are sold out.

The company provides a unique attitude because it offers an order book to match the customers’ requirements and those who sell contracts for mining. All valid prices for contracts are available at the company’s official website.

This quite a low-priced offer because everyone can start with them just by putting $10.

Right now, the company has more than 35 TH/s of mining hardware to rent out for customers. Some of the equipment that is available for rent are Antminer models S4 and S5 which are great for mining and making the profit.

We hope that now you know more about bitcoin mining and earning. Find the most suitable way to earn bitcoins. It does not matter what method you choose, you will find out how good it works for you after some try. Do not be scared to try different ways and choose the one that brings you constant profit.

Good luck!