About Bitcoin Transaction Fee. How Much Do Miners Make?

Bitcoin payment fees. How does it work?

What job do mine-workers do? Mine-workers offer a very significant service which is a system protection. Such great and big system protects Bitcoin electronic money from attacks that are very possible. Usually, only bad actors who participate in the system can make false actions and damage it.

It is a big need to pay for equipment and electricity. One of the more trustful equipments ASIC offers Bitcoin web money a stabilized work and safety. Right now everyday payment commision and Bitcoin block rewards bring profit to mine-workers.

It needs to be said that block rewards of Bitcoin are very significant and offer the biggest amount of incomes by mine-workers.

How do they collect fees from done transactions?

Commissions from production makes value every time a customer makes a transaction. Once payment is done, the network gathers information about total input, total output, fees, estimates BTC transacted, and scripts.

Once the payment is added to a block it must become approved first. Payments that were not verified still stay in the system until confirmation. mine-workers aim to increase the profit, therefore, they plan to include higher fees, therefore, higher transactions.

Payments which carry low commisions often can get caught in the system. Messages about stuck payments appear at Bitcoin program many times a day. Such messages include information about block chains getting stuck and unauthorized payments for past few hours.

Obviously, such technical problems make Bitcoin newcomers worry and lose confidence in a good system work. However, it takes to add bigger sums of money to complete a successful deal and get a verification. Usually, successful transactions get verified within 10 minutes after the action.

21’s fee tool should customers to add the correct fee amount to create a successful payment and get a quick verification.

How do mine-workers gather commission?

Usually, the mine-worker gathers fees from payments. Once a payment is approved, the system will show such details as number of payments, commissions, relayed by, and block reward. The entire compensation for a particular block includes the complete total amount of commissions and the block reward. In perspective, payment fees should rise to offset for the reward for the block that is reducing.


Sometime Bitcoin is called the program that allows customers to make low-cost payments. Such information confuses the customers. It creates mistakes that lead to payments getting stuck. However, fees for mining definitely should be include and used for increasing the network safety. Without mine-workers, the system could have been assaulted a lot of times. The statistic suggests that without mine-workers the network could have been attacked by 51%.

To use this very electronic money system, users must be prepared to pay a mining commision. If one person can spend 5$ on commision it means that Bitcoin crypto money has a big value and can be considered a reliable program.