USB Bitcoin Mining. Using Raspberry Pi

Everything that you should know about Bitcoin mining setup

If you bought a USA Bitcoin mine-worker, however, cannot find a good piece of advice how to set that up, here yo will find a detailed information that hopefully will become very useful to you and simplify the whole process of setting your new piece of equipment.

Apart from the purchased USB you will need additional supplies such as Complete Raspberry Pi Kit, 10 Port Powered USB Hub, USB Fan, Micro USB Cable, and Ethernet Cable.

Guide for setting up the Bitcoin mining

It seems like to build a mine-worker is a really hard work. However, when you have a good amount f information that is easy to read and follow, the task becomes really easy. Of course, you need to make sure that you have all supplies, otherwise, you may get into troubles. So please check again what supplies you need to set up your new piece of equipment for digging coins from your own house you need.

So, you are about to build your very first and your very own mine-worker. Let’s start working on your project under our control.The first item that you should take is Raspberry Pi. What is that? Sounds weird but this is just a credit card, however, its size matches a computer. When you have one like that, this is a completely separated block from your personal computer and it means that you can use bitcoins all around the clock without having any affect on your computer. When you choose one of them, make sure you choose the B series. Because of the site, this item is very effective regarding power intake. Your whole computer can live off the USB cable.

The next thing you should take and use is a plastic case for your Raspberry Pi. A lot of people say that a plastic case is not necessary at all, however, we would insist on you using it. It protects your your Raspberry Pi if something falls on it. So, do not skip this step. It will cost you only $10. Also need to get a SD card. Now this SD card will work as a hard drive for your Raspberry Pi. You should get at least 4 GB for the card. If you get 8 GB it will benefit you because additional space is always an advantage. Remember, that your SD card has to be 10 class. To power your Raspberry Pi you will need to get a micro USB cable. This is what we mentioned in the list of additional supplies in the beginning of the article.

So, all the details that we mentioned create a new device. A separated computer that will directly help you to mine. On the computer you will have to run a software. Please review the next parts carefully. They will be the actual equipment for mining bitcoins.

The actual equipment that you will have to purchase for searching for bitcoins and earning them os here. You will have to get ASIC Miber or Block Erupter. This is a chip hat has one work. The equipment can live via USB port, therefore, you can connect it to the port and watch it working well. From this point this is a new mining pool with the speed 335 megahashes per second. For supplying all of the blocks you will have to get a USB hub of a high-quality. From now on the key word is taken into work and means that there is a constant adapter that you have to plug into a socket.

This will give the equipment an even power for all USB ports. You will have to get a high-quality hub as well. Your mine-worker will work 24/7. All blocking devices will become quite warm because of the non-stop heating if you run it without stop. As we have already mentioned above in the list of additional supply you will need a fan. So, connect a USB fan to a port. This is quite cheap and reliable way to prolong life of your mine-worker.

The last thing that you should know about is Ethernet cable. This is the detail that will help your mine-worker to connect to the Internet. This is the last thing that you will need for your great project of making a mine-worker operating from your own house or office.

Put Raspberry Pi on the lower part and try to keep it in line until you hear click. Move forward and put the cover like this. Here you wills see that your Raspberry Pi has two ports for USB. The point for your Ethernet connection will have certain audio and video outputs. This slot is for SD card. This is micro USB for powering the device, Finally, you get HDMI output that you can connect to the screen.

The same step is putting your SD card into your Raspberry Pi. You will need to load the SD card by your software for mining. You can also find how to download the software for SD card, you can find videos and guides that will assist you to complete this step. However, now you need to take your Raspberry Pi and put the card into its slot. Take a look at the USB hub. See it is still not connected. Install the cord for power that will lead to Raspberry Pi. You can place it in the first slot and then move it aside for the next usage.

After you have done all what we described in the previous paragraph, you will have to connect Block Erupters one after another. Every block should give around 335 magehashes in one second. Take your USB fan and put it in front of Block Erupters. Now this USB hub should have a USB 2.0 connection. This is the connecting to the USB ports for Raspberry Pi. Now, Raspberry Pi must have two ports, however, you will need to use only one.

Take the Ethernet cable and connect it with the Ethernet point on your Raspberry Pi. The other end connect with the modem. Switch on and them off everything. If you see green leds it guarantees that all supplies are installed correctly. You will have to wait until the standby is over. Now, check your software for mining and set up your mining pools. From this very point you can start a successful process of mining bitcoins from where you are. It is really simple and you are going to see it yourself once you follow precisely all of those tips.

Before you are going to set up the mining equipment, please check carefully all necessary details. Once you have all of them, to understand what is needed and how it needs to work in the future is much easier. Your new mining pool will work in more than two gigahashes so this is a good result for you. You can easily find a lot of useful videos that will help you to learn how to get profit using a certain software or how to set up the software.

Start from ordering all supplies, read the article again once you get them all together in front of your eyes and hands and let’s start making a great business at home. Hopefully, it will all go well and simple for you.

There are a lot of videos provided by people all over the world, who will offer you lessons on setting up the Bitcoin mining hardware. Find videos on YouTube or read guides to set up the equipment without a professional help and no additional money spendings and use it to effectively and successfully dig for coins now.