Doge miner. The Dogecoin Mining Software

Dogecoin mining. What is it and what should you know about it?

Dogecoin mining is another stream in cryptocurrency industry, however, it differs from Bitcoin mining and has its specific aspects. Here in this article, you will find out about the Doge mining and how you can use it. First of all, you should know that Doge mining serves two goals. The first purpose is protecting the network and verifying payments. The second purpose is to pay mine-works. Therefore, dogecoins are used as a reward for mine-workers.

The equipment for Dogecoin mining

Dogecoin network is not as developed as Bitcoin network. ASIC computers are designed for solving the problems that may arise in Bitcoin. These computers are also suitable for Dogecoin, however, it is not very easy to purchase one. Mine-workers that have been created for Bitcoin network cannot be used for miming dogecoins. For example, you can buy ASIC hardware AntMiner model S7. It is available for Bitcoin. It costs around $700 and available for everyone. However, there is no special equipment for mining dogecoins.

How does Dogecoin work?

So you want to find out how Dogecoin protects the network. Dogecoin also uses proof-of-work which makes mining more expensive as long as it requires more energy. To send dogecoins, all payments have to be included in the block. Dogecoin mine-workers check payments using proof-of-work. Mine-workers check income transactions and previous transactions in the blockchain. If double payments are not found, mine-workers create a block with new payments and add it to an existing blockchain.

Every new block is sent to network nodes. Nodes use mine-workers work to continue checks and payments sending all over the network.As we have said, Dogecoin requires a lot of time and electricity. This is not cheap. A reward for a block is paid for every mined block.

What is blockchain?

Dogecoin blockchain is a public registration of all payments made using dogecoins. The system is decentralized, therefore, is not controlled by some organizations. The dogecoin blockchain can be checked by anyone. No old transactions can be erased. Also, no fraud payments cannot be created. Any attempt to change the rules of the network will have a negative effect.

Dogecoin mining difficulty

One of the advantages of using cryptocurrency is currency supply can be programmed and distributed at certain time periods. It differs from gold, silver, and other products that are mined faster if the price grows.

Dogecoin mining difficulty is one of the most important characteristics of this very cryptocurrency. It is the method that gets updated and is based on the hash rate to guarantee that all block of the network generates every minute. The growth of prices cannot lead to a growth of speed of mining dogecoins. Unexpected price growth will lead to mine-workers pointing the hash power of the network. Dogecoin mining difficulty guarantees that a new hash power will be balanced. It gets adjusted after every block.

Profit from Dogecoin mining

To find out how much you can possibly earn, use a special online calculator. This will give you an idea how much profit you can get by using a certain equipment. Your income will also depend on the price of Dogecoin, the hash power of your equipment, and electricity expenses.

Reward for Dogecoin mining

Such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and Litecoin have a finite supply. A reward for a block, in the end, will become too small, so there will be no new currencies. However, the developers of Dogecoin decided to create a constant reward that equals 10,000 DOGE for every single block after 600,000.

See the example below
1–99,999: 0–1,000,000 Dogecoin
100,000–144,999: 0–500,000 Dogecoin
145,000–199,999: 250,000 Dogecoin
200,000–299,999: 125,000 Dogecoin
300,000–399,999: 62,500 Dogecoin
400,000–499,999: 31,250 Dogecoin
500,000–599,999: 15,625 Dogecoin
600,000+: 10,000 Dogecoin

How to mine Dogecoin cryptocurrency?

To start mining, you need to get a mine-worker first. For example, you can purchase 70 Khs Dogecoin that costs around $100 or 30 Mhs for $285. Here you will find tips and recommendations for mining from your home. We will explain how to start mining without inviting a professional who would do it for you.

Let’s start. First, visit If your computer is Windows, then click Windows and the wallet will be download automatically. The latest version will be on your device. Extract the file into a folder. When you open the folder, you will see Dogecoinqt.exc. Open it and wait. This is your wallet for collection dogecoins. Start synchronizing the wallet with the network. It may take up to an hour. Once you see the indicator, it means that synchronizing is finished. Now you know that your wallet sync with Dogecoin network. It means that from this very moment you can receive and send dogecoins.

To start mining, you should use the software that is called CG Miner. Click CG Miner 3.7.2 ZIP and it will start downloading. Open the folder and look for the file that is called bat bat. This will help you to start the mining process. However, before you do that, you will have to join a mining pool. A mining pool is basically a group of mine-workers that work all together to fund coins faster. To find good mining pools visit Review all available pools and choose one for mining. What pool you choose really does not matter.

Once you choose a mining pool, you should create an account. Choose a user name, password, enter your email, and choose pin – 4 digit number. We would recommend you to write down your pin and keep it, so you do not lose and forget it when you need it. So once you make a registration and enter the system, you will see a lot of information on the panel. First, click the tab worker. You will have to create a worker for your mining pool. Choose any name for your worker. Then add test one and test two. If you are going to use different computers, you need a new worker for every device. Therefore, you will be able to see what computers work better and if one does not show a good result, you will be able to discover the reason why it is slower and maybe improve its work.

Now you have to enter the folder СG Miner and right click. Go to a new text document. For example, call it start and then move to a text editor. Copy this into the file. Call the user name Doge. You should replace it with the name of your mining pool and name of the mine-worker. Therefore, you have doge dot test2. Enter the password that you used for a mine-worker. There will be two tests.

Then you will have to come back to your mining pool. Click start and copy the part here. It will be under command liner instructions. This is URL address that your mine-worker will use for starting mining. Again you have to change this part here. Paste it. Save the file and close it. Then you should come back to your text file and name it bat bat, B-A-T. Click yes and you finally have the file bat.

To start mining, double click the file bat. To find out how much kilo hashes your video card has to generate, you can use google litecoin mining hardware. You will see the comparison of Google mining equipment for Litecoin. There you will see the list of different GPUs and how many kilo hashes they usually get. Usually, customers get from 340 to 411. When you start mining, you have to come back to your mining pool. Click your account and open your wallet. Create a new address. Name it by your mining pool name. Right click and copy the address. Come back to your mining pool and enter the address into your payment address. Then, you can set the limit of an automatic payment. 1000 Doge is the minimum limit. Put your pin. Now it is up to your account. If you come back to the panel you will see that it is updated with the new hash rate.

The hash rate that you seem in CG Miner will always be more accurate than the hash rate that you see in a mining pool because the pool counts it using shares during a certain period of time. It can change, therefore, the figure will not be exact. Also, the speed of mining can change. So you cannot be 100% sure that your mining pool world perfect. After some time the system will work more accurate. It will update faster and show you accurate figures.

How to mine Dogecoins on Mac?

First, you have to join a mining pool. Use poolerino this is one of the most popular ones. There is a huge number of mining pools on the Internet. So you can choose one. The one that we mentioned is just an example. Click registration and create an account. There are some fields that you have to fill. Once you complete a registration, enter the menu. Now you should create a new mine-worker. Click my workers and you will see a few mine-workers. Add another one and name it worker 2.

Now you have to create your user name. Your worker name is worker 2 so the password should also be worker 2. You must know the name of the host which you can find on your home tab. Download the actual software to make mining available in SourceForge. Download it on your Mac. Check your downloads folder and you must see a zip file. Expand it and find minerd file. This very file is a program that you have to run to be able to mine.

Use the application Terminal to run the program. You can find this application in the folder Utilities. Double click it and open the Terminal application. The next important step that you should follow is to change the permission on minerd. Enter chmod 755 minerd. This will allow you to run the file. Then you have to dot, slash, minerd. First, you need dash O and then paste the name of the host that you copied before. Now you only need a user pass, dash, dash, user pass.

Now click enter and our program is running. Now you have to run your processor. You will see that after a few minutes your hash rate will grow. If you see accepted messages, it means that you are generating valid dogecoins. If you zoom out and return to a mining pool, you can confirm that the operation goes well.

How to mine Dogecoins if I use Windows?

So we have already given your advice how to set all programs that can help you mining on Mac. Now if your device is Windows, we are going to provide you tips that will help you to start mining on your Windows computer.

If you want to start mining on your Windows, the first thing that you should do is to download the Dogecoin wallet. Youn will download a zip file, create a new folder and move the file in it. So you can have a new folder which is called Dogecoin. Create a shortcut for your desktop Dogecoin-QT.exe. Once you do it, open your Dogecoin wallet. Here you can add new addresses. One of them will be the address where you will receive your dogecoins.

Choose a mining pool, for example, you can choose the first one in the list. It does not really matter what mining pool you choose. The most important is to learn how to mine on your Windows. Create a registration in the mining pool: enter a user name, password, email address. Also, you have to come up with a secure pin and remember it. Now you can enter your mining pool.

Click edit your account. Enter your payment address. Also, you need to choose your automatic payment limit. 10,000 is the minimum that you have to set. So, enter your pin and information will be updated. Now go to your mine-workers. If you have already created a new mine-worker it is very good. The next step is to download a special software. There are two ways that you can use for Dogecoin. First one is an intellectual processor. So you will have to work with your micro processor but usually, it is not very effective. However, you still can try it. Get CPU mine-worker or 32 or 64 bit.

The second way is to use a graphics card. For Radeon or other graphics card, you will have to use CG Miner. New versions of CG mine-workers do not support scrypt which is an algorithm for Dogecoin. It can support the version 3,6,6 this is a decent one. Download a zip file for 32 or 64-bit versions. Download it and choose the version that matches your computer. Now you have to create batch files. These files set up a software for mining dogecoins. Simply open your notepad and copy all the material that you have in batch files. Enter your user name, password, ID of mine-worker that had number 1 and finally the password for your mine-worker.

Then you should enable script. Everything should be stored in one folder. So when you want to run your mine-worker, you have to run it from the batch file.

This is it. Hopefully, this information was useful and help you to start mining from your home.