Books About Blockchain And Bitcoin You Must Read

Top 5 famous and interesting books about Bitcoin and Blockchain

We are living in the era of innovation and get discover exciting and curious things that come available for people all over the world pretty every single day. However, to keep track of all innovations can be too difficult. Sometimes, we just cannot catch up with some things that make a big impact on the world. We are all busy doing our work, taking care of our families, etc.

Probably, for the majority of people, Bitcoin and Blockchain are two things that are too complicated to just understand in two words. Of course, there are a lot of people who decided to make living by using these two incredible innovations, however, if you want to know what they mean and how they work, it will not be enough just to read a paragraph.

Bitcoin and Blockchain have been existing for some time, however, it needs a bit more explanation to give people at least basic knowledge about these two terms if modern technology. So, if you are curious to find what they mean, how they work, and how you can benefit by using them, follow the article and discover 5 best books that will become your guide.

In any of the books from the list, you will find out the main concepts about Bitcoin and Blockchain, as well as find out about digital money in general. It is the best time to discover what these two terms mean as long as later they may change their form, still, the basis will never change because it is a core.

Why discover it through books? Reading the book as we all know is not only good for training our memory but this is a reliable way of taking information right. A deep explanation about every detail that you read about soon comes to a pool of new knowledge that makes sense and it becomes easier to understand every new page.

There is a really big number of books that are dedicated to Bitcoin and Blockchain, however, we decided to recommend you the best 5 that will introduce you to this new and already very popular innovation or improve your knowledge if you already have a basic understanding of them.

1. The Book of Satoshi

This very book is really interesting and exciting that tells its readers about the beginning of Bitcoin from its own founder Satoshi Nakamoto. The author Phil Champagne decided to create a book in a kind of unique format. The book consists of texts from emails between Satoshi and other pioneers in this business. So, the readers will have a good understanding of how Bitcoin become “alive” and what was the goal of its founder.

2. Mastering Bitcoin

This book will suit the readers who only want to find out what Bitcoin is, as well as the readers who want to become users of this digital currency and use it for their benefits. The writer Andreas Antonopoulos is famous for talking about Bitcoin and making assumptions how exactly this technology will impact the world in the future. Having great knowledge in information security and being a tech-pioneer, he created a wonderful book that will become really useful for you. The book will provide you information about the fundamental structure of Bitcoin, as well as the analysis of the protocol.

Apart from reading this excellent book, you can also find the writer’s podcast about Bitcoin where he often talks and discusses this very digital currency.

3. The Bitcoin Bible

Another fantastic book with a great amount of information about this very topic. The Bible was written by Benjanmin Guttman who is also well-known as one of the leading people and CEO in Digital Natives Group. The book is based on articles from various magazines that also discovered the Bitcoin topic. The writer shared his unique insights and opinion about Bitcoin network and its work. You will find this edition very useful if you are interested to make business by using Bitcoin system.

4. The Age of Cryptocurrency

If you already know a least a bit about Bitcoin network and digital currency, you will be excited about the story that is described in this marvelous book. The book is written by two wonderful writers Michael J Caset and Paul Vigna that decided to explain in details what Bitcoin is and how cryptocurrency affects the modern world and the financial situation in general. The book is based on Bitcoin, however, it explains the possibilities of digital currency. The writers also let the readers discover the story of one Afghan woman who made a lot of money on the Internet.

5. Blockchain: Blueprint For A New Economy

Some people call the book incredible. The author Melanie Swan decided to focus her attention of the future of the Blockchain. She explains why Blockchain technology that exists only is money sector is also very popular in other areas. The writer explained all possible methods of using the technology and applying it in the financial sector.

So, this was the list of 5 famous and useful books that will introduce you to Bitcoin world, describe how the network operates, and what the benefits of using the blockchain technology are.