What Is DASH Mining, How To Import Darkcoin Wallet Into Dash?

Dash Mining. What is it?

What is dash? This is the name for a dark coin. This is alt cryptocurrency that reminds of Bitcoins, however, dark coins have a unique look more anonymous. It is built inside the coin. If you know about Bitcoins, you will definitely define their look, however, dark coins have more private characteristics. To mine dash, it is necessary to use script. If you want to start mining dark coin, you will have to get dash miner. There are two effective dash mine-workers: 70KHs that costs around $100 and 30MHs that will come to almost $300.

The simplest way to mine dark coin

Today, we are going to talk about how to find dark coins. Here you will find tips and instructions for a successful dash mining. The first tip is to switch off your antivirus program. This step is essential as long as your device will read the mining software or a dark coin wallet as a virus. If you do not disable your antivirus program, you will simply not be able to collect dash. If you leave it on, your device will delete the link that leads to downloading the wallet.

Next, you should visit the official website of Darkcoin and download the wallet for mining and collecting coins. It is recommended to get the latest version of the wallet, however, if your device cannot get the latest version, choose the version that suits your OS requirements.

Your new wallet should be downloaded successfully on your device. The next important step is to add the address where you want to collect your coins from. Click “receive” and get an address from where you will be able to collect your earned coins.

Once you have an address, you should install the software for mining. You will see a few links, however, you need to download the downloading program itself. This is the easiest way. If one of the links offers you to download a ZIP file, you also can try it. However, ZIP will not start the windows automatically, so you will have to waste your time on starting windows up manually when you decide to restart your device.

Click “next” and start installing the software for mining dash. Once it is installed, you will see a new window which you should use every time when you want to find a coin. The first thing that you should do right here is to write down the address that you mentioned before. Make sure you put the address in the field that is called the receive coin address.

The second step is to make sure that the installing program is invisible. Start 24×7 software and run the program. You should see the DOS screen. If you see this screen, it means that the software works perfect and will mine the dash here. This is a confirmation that the program works well on your device. You also can choose to run the software in the background. The most important step is to make sure that you put the right address and will receive coins where it is needed. So, double check the address before you run the program.

It is very useful to run the program even at the time when you are not around your computer. Leave it mining, do your things, come back after some time and check your income. Once you move the mouse, the program will stop mining. Another significant tip is you should exclude the process from the scans. If you do not want your antivirus program to delete the whole software on your computer, you should take care of it before you switch on your antivirus again. Of course, you cannot work on your device without antivirus for a long time, so this is the tip that will help you to work safely on your device and leave the software for dash mining and collecting coins.

It takes to delete only one folder to now allow your antivirus program delete the whole software. Enter the C file folder on your computer and find the folder that is called miner. You should delete it, then and exclude it from the scans. Also, you should exclude the file from automatic protection. Now, you can start your antivirus and have no problems with mining.

There is also another method how to mine dark coins. It also may become suitable and useful for you. Another way to mine is to use GPU. This is a graphic way to find and collect dash. If you have a good graphic card, this very method can become a way easier and profitable. So, the software is called GPU and this is how you are going to install it. It looks like a black icon. Click “install” and go through a few “next” until you see Darkcoin and the field for the address. Fill your address in the field “receive”. Then go to settings. Start the software and make sure it also works on your computer. This software will look a bit different on your device, however, it has great mining skills.

You can also leave the program to operate and mine while you are not behind your computer. It can run in the background, and once you leave it will start searching and collecting dash.

There are some particular problems that may appear during software installation. For example, if you do not see the DOS window, you should get a special driver to make the software work on your particular computer. Get the ATI video card, as well as AMD SDK pack. It will give you the instructions that you have to follow, like installation, restarting, so finally, the software should work well on your device.

Hopefully, this article was useful for you and you will start mining dark coins without any issues. We believe that the way we explained how to mine dash is pretty simple and it will be a good guide for you when you decide to start mining. Find relevant videos that will provide more explanation about the software, installation, and its operation.