Review Of Hashocean: Scam Or not?

Is HashOcean mining scam or not?

During the last few years, there was a big popularity of scam connected to Cloud Mining. As long as a lot of people show their interest toward bitcoins, ethers, and other cryptocurrencies, it provokes some other individuals to create scam services offering lie and make it look real. Unfortunately, all these games create a negative opinion about electronic money.

The cryptocurrency circle has got a lot of tricks and Ponzi plots. Cloud Mining is considered as the most recent target. There were a lot of scam and fraud organizations spotted during the last few years that offered themselves as trustful and prosperous in mining. We have no control over such organizations and probably we will see many more of them.

One of the organizations that became doubtful is HashOcean. This is a mining specialist from San Francisco that has been working in cloud mining for some time. The news about the company not making payouts made people doubt the trustfulness of the organization. HashOcean website has not been working for some time. The majority of people believe that the website is an extortion that took a lot of money from people and then disappeared…

Previous complaints about HashOcean…

This is not the very first negative experience with the company we are discussing here. When HashOcean decided to run a Ponzi plot, people started having doubts. At that time, the organization had a bad reputation for not being able to pay its customers on time.

Another reason why HashOcean was considered as fraud organization was a huge number of customers who bought contracts for cloud mining. All those customers also did not receive their promised payouts. Briefly, the so-called cloud mining organization served the customers on the scam page, took their personal information including all passwords.

Hash ocean’s respond

Of course, the owners of HashOcean had to justify themselves. They said that their area was hacked and sold, so now they have no control over it. They also say that their Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts are controlled by unknown individuals. The biggest part of their customers cannot stop complaining about the organization being liars and not discounting the cash that they invested, some customers even say that they have been guaranteed to get a discount.

The verdict

Who knows what happened for real but the organization keeps explaining that their website has been hacked by programmers and they cannot control it any longer. Of course, we cannot check it, so we just have to wait and see whether the organization is really trying to explain themselves to the customers are 100% right and all complaints were for a certain reason.

However, the organization has not done anything yet to make customers feel safe. All those people who invested money in HashOcean cannot prove anything and get at least a certain amount of money back. The time will show who was right and whether the company was just a scam.

We hope that those people who contributed money will find a decent solution to return money or at least get a smart explanation about what really happened to the organization.